Matthew Paintings

This page represents a unique project: paintings from the gospel of Matthew on our auditorium walls. These go with Peter's sermon series on the gospel of Matthew presented between 2021 and 2023. Ten of our artists are contributors. Let's take a tour through "the gallery!"

Title: Immanuel (God With Us)

Scripture: Matthew 1:21-25

Artist: Tara Joi Smith

Description: Jesus’ birth. “His name shall be called Immanuel”: God With Us. Remarkably, the only occurrence of this name in the New Testament is found in Matthew 1:23, and yet the message of this name is in every book of the Bible. One can say that "God With Us" is the very essence of this astounding person, even in the first hours after His birth.

Title: John the Baptist announces the Kingdom

Scripture: Matthew 3:1-6

Artist: Tara Joi Smith

Description: John the Baptist lived a simple life and had a simple message: “Repent (turn), for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." He was preparing people for the King.

Title: The Son is Baptized

Scripture: Matthew 3:13-17

Artist: Friede Reed

Description: The Trinity is revealed at Jesus’ baptism: the Father speaks audibly about his Beloved Son, and the Holy Spirit comes to rest on this Son.

Title: Pray in Secret

Scripture: Matthew 6:5-6

Artist: Colleen Castonguay

Description: Jesus taught us in the Sermon on the Mount to pray, not to impress people, but secretly, in our room.

Title: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Scripture: Matthew 7:15-16

Artist: Coleen Szura

Description: Jesus warned us in the Sermon on the Mount to beware of false prophets - they seem as innocent as sheep, but are wolves on the inside.

Title: The Lord Cleanses the Leper

Scripture: Matthew 8:1-4

Artist: Coleen Szura

Description: A leper asked Jesus for healing: “Lord, if you are willing you can cleanse me.” Jesus said “yes,” with a loving, healing touch. The scars in Jesus’ hands can be seen as an inspired “mistake”: The Lord’s cleansing of this unclean man looks forwards to His ultimate cleansing of us all: with His blood, at the cross.

Title: The Son of Man Heals the Paralytic

Scripture: Matthew 9:1-8

Artist: Coleen Szura

Description: Four men took desperate measures of faith to get their paralyzed friend healed. They broke open a roof to get to Jesus in a crowded house! On the floor, Jesus tells us that He is the Son of Man who has authority to forgive sins. 

Title: Take my Yoke on You

Scripture: Matthew 11:28-30

Artist: Koen Chapman Smith

Description: Jesus offers His rest to us who are weary and burdened. He invites us to “yoke up” with Him, whose yoke is easy, and His burden light. We get to work with Jesus, not just for Him.

Title: Lord of the Sabbath

Scripture: Matthew 12:1-8

Artist: Yvonne Mass

Description: In fields like these, Jesus let his disciples pick grain on the sabbath, despite the religious leaders’ objection to forbidden “work” on the day of rest. Jesus, who gives us rest, tells us that He is “Lord of the Sabbath.” That makes sense, because He is our Lord and Creator who rested on the seventh day, the very first sabbath.

Title: My Beloved Servant in Whom I Delight 

Scripture: Matthew 12:18-21

Artist: Soyon Thompson

Description: Isaiah expressed God’s view of His Son: “Look at my Servant, in whom I delight.” What is this humble, just servant like? He won’t break a bruised reed, or quench a smoldering wick. Like the Goldenrods that bring fresh life to the tired and overgrown ditches at the end of summer, Jesus Christ came at his appointed time, fully delighted in by his Father, to bring New Life to this weary world. He came to walk humbly with us, the bruised reeds, not to break us but to bring justice and hope for the nations. (For the full description, scroll down).

Title: Set Free

Scripture: Matthew 12:28-29

Artist: Soyon Thompson

Description: Jesus said that the devil is like a strong man guarding a house. The devil is like this invasive vine choking the tree. But Jesus is the stronger man, stronger than the devil. He binds the one who binds us. He cuts the vine that will destroy. He looses us and sets us free. (For the full description, scroll down).

Title: Parable of the Sower

Scripture: Matthew 13:3-9

Artist: Kira J. McMahon

Description: The first of seven parables in Matthew 13 is perhaps the best known: the sower sows seed in the ground. The success of the seeds’ growth depends on the soil, like God’s word in our lives. Remarkably, in John 12:24, Jesus compares His impending death and resurrection to a kernel of wheat that dies and rises again, and yields much fruit.

Title: Parable of the Mustard Seed

Scripture: Matthew 13:31-32

Artist: Kalie Chapman Smith

Description: A mustard seed is tiny, and yet can grow into a big bushy “tree” where the birds can nest. This parable can be an encouragement for us who have “mustard seed” size faith. But it can also be understood as a warning against any form of Christianity that grows into an unnatural monstrosity, where those seed-stealing birds find a home.

Title: The Son of God on the Water

Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33

Artist: Koen Chapman Smith

Description: Jesus called Peter to walk on the water, and he joined his Lord in this miraculous feat - for a few steps anyway! The other disciples didn’t worship Peter though, but Jesus: “Truly You are the Son of God.” This basic declaration appears frequently in Matthew's gospel, uttered by a variety of speakers.


Title: The Good Shepherd Finds His Sheep

Scripture: Matthew 18:12-14

Artist: Jester Mass

Description: Jesus is the Good Shepherd who would leave 99 sheep to find the one who was lost: a sheep like you, or me. He rejoices over that one found sheep! Amazingly, our Shepherd is also the Lamb of God  who takes away our sin. 

Title: The King Welcomes Children

Scripture: Matthew 19:13-15

Artist: Tara Joi Smith

Description: Our King laid His hands on children and prayed for them. He is still saying today that the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. 

Title: The Son of David Enters Jerusalem

Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11

Artist: Koen Chapman Smith

Description: Jesus humbly enters Jerusalem on a donkey, as prophesied by Zechariah (Zech. 9:9). The people proclaim "Hosanna," or Saviour, to this Messiah, the Son of David. 

Title: The Bridegroom and the Ten Virgins

Scripture: Matthew 25:1-13

Artist: Colleen Castonguay

Description: Jesus, our Bridegroom, urges us to be ready for His coming. We are to be like the five wise virgins in the dead of night. They had extra oil for their lamps, as they were awoken by the shout, “the Bridegroom is arriving!” The five foolish virgins had to go get extra oil, and missed the party.

Title: Woman Anoints Jesus’ Head

Scripture: Matthew 26:6-13

Artist: Friede Reed

Description: A woman in Bethany anointed Jesus with very expensive ointment. It was an expressive act of love and devotion from her heart, but also a preparation for His burial, according to Jesus. 

Title: The Last Supper

Scripture: Matthew 26:26-29

Artist: Koen Chapman Smith

Description: Jesus celebrated the Passover meal with His disciples, His friends, less than 24 hours before being nailed to a cross. He had much to say to them at this meal, including “take, eat, this is my body.” And, “drink of it all of you, for this is my blood of the covenant, poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.”


Title: Jesus and His Disciples in the Garden
Scripture: Matthew 26:36-46
Artist: Leanne Hawkins
Description: On the eve of His crucifixion, Jesus calls out to His Father, asking if there is some other way than the cross. Meanwhile, His three disciples whom He invited to pray with Him are fast asleep.

Title: Jesus’ Death on the Cross

Scripture: Matthew 27:31-56

Artist: Leanne Hawkins

Description: Jesus' 33 years of life among us was a sacrifice, as He joined us sinful humans in our humanity. He really is Immanuel, God with us. But He didn’t stop there: He even joined us in our death, a death by crucifixion. He died for each of us, including his mother, and the disciple John, who were there at the cross.

Title: He's Alive

Scripture: Matthew Chapter 28

Description: The final painting in our series has not yet been completed. It will be displayed in our lobby, and will feature an empty tomb. It will be the first Matthew painting we see when entering our building. 

My Beloved Servant in Whom I Delight (by Soyon Thompson; her full description). 

Isaiah expressed God’s view of His Son: “Look at my Servant, in whom I delight.” What is this humble, just servant like? He won’t break a bruised reed, or quench a smoldering wick.

Matthew 12:18-21

I wanted to paint an image that would depict Jesus, the delightful Son, who so humbly and gently came to be among the bruised reeds, the broken people. At first I didn’t know how I would represent Christ in this painting. I knew I wanted to include a bruised reed so for weeks my eyes were constantly searching in ditches and naturalized spaces to find an image of a bruised reed. All while praying about how I could represent Jesus in this painting. And then I saw the first blooms of Goldenrods.  And the DELIGHT! The delight I experience every year when I see these Goldenrods start to bloom in masses, the marking of the end of summer, the beginning of fall, the signal of the change of seasons. Golden colours emerging in tired overgrown ditches where reeds are bent and about to fall. The ditches suddenly have new life and I can finally give a sigh of relief for the upcoming season of harvest and rest. I imagine the delight of God the Father when his Son’s time came to start his ministry on this tired earth. 

This seasonal ritual for me, of noticing the Goldenrods, and sitting in the joy of beauty, stirred my spirit and I knew the Holy Spirit was answering my prayers ~ paint Goldenrods among the bruised reeds. 

So I chose Goldenrods to represent Christ, the beloved Servant, who gently walks among all of humanity, the bruised reeds. He came at just the right time, in the season his Father chose, to bloom when the world was weary and ready for the Messiah. 

A quick google search will lead you to a discovery of the healing effects of goldenrods, and they are numerous. Christ healed numerous people and he still does today. And lest you dislike these plants because they seem to be the cause of your seasonal allergies, they are likely not. Rather, the culprit of your allergies may be more accurately the Ragweed that are blooming at the same time as the goldenrods. Christ was also misunderstood, rejected, and scorned. 

He came to bring New Life, and what joy he brought for all who met him and received him. And then he died, for justice and love. Just as Goldenrods die in the winter, there is always hope with Spring. He resurrected and brought forth more seeds to sprout. And his fragrance, his golden arrows are being scattered to all the earth. 

So next spring when I notice the green growth in the ditches and the roadsides, I will remember that among them are many more goldenrods. And at the end of summer after a long season of hard field work in the dirt of this world, there will come a reward in the blooms of goldenrods, and I will delight in the promise of Christ, and know that he is waiting for all who are bruised and tired. 

He came for us. Find hope in him alone.

Set Free (by Soyon Thompson; her full description). 

I used to marvel at large trees with vines tangled around their trunk. However, I learned recently that when an invasive species of vines  wraps around a tree, it will eventually block nutrients and kill the tree. If the vines are left alone they can grow up and out to tangle into the surrounding trees, leading to entire groups of trees collapsing.

One of the ways to stop this invasion is to cut a section of the vine where it grows near the base of the tree, cutting the vine of its nutrients. Eventually the rest of the vine will die off, leaving the main tree to continue to grow as it should.

Followers-of-Jesus are “called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, for the display of His splendour” (Isaiah 61:3). 

In Matthew 12:28-29 Jesus said that the devil is like a strong man guarding a house. Or, you could say that the devil is like this invasive vine, deceptively beautiful in appearance, yet twisted and deadly, choking the tree. 

But Jesus is stronger than the devil: He binds the one who binds us. He cuts the vine that will destroy. He looses us and sets us free.