The Art Room

Image: Build my Home 

By: Soyon Chun

Knowing, loving, and serving the Son; together.

The Art Room

One of the first things I took notice of when we started to attend the Vineyard was how much art was present at the church building, both audibly and visually. As we started to make the Vineyard our home and I started to learn names, I noticed that the names on the art in the building were of people in the congregation. 

I thought, "Wow, there are many talented artists here!"

During this pandemic, I have very much missed the visuals, but wondered what it might look like for our congregation to share their art on an online platform as an act of worship to our creator God. 

What might it look like to share art to encourage one another in how God is working in our lives, as a testimony of His creativity in us.

So this space is just for that. The Art Room. A space to display your creations:

So if you have any art, send them to so they can be viewed here.

Many thanks,

John Thompson

By Colleen Castonguay

"Follow the Light"


Just as the young sunflower plant follows the sun to receive the most light, Jesus encourages us to follow him. “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” - Jesus 

By Leanne Hawkins and Coleen Szura

By Tara Joi Smith

The following group of Chalk Pastels is from a study through the book of Ruth 

The threshing floor

The Sea of Galilee and boat

Ripe barley

Raining fire and brimstone

Lot's wife

Lot chooses

Loaves and fishes


By Tara Joi Smith

In this piece, each string represents the life of a person in our Church, bringing their experience and stories with them.  The weaving that I did represents how Papa God has woven our lives together to create something beautiful. 

"Spring's Promise" 


By Colleen Castonguay

The crocus is a sure sign of spring and in late March each year, these beautiful flowers remind me of God's promise. 

It's a promise that stands strong and never changes. A promise that even though weeds may grow around us and difficulties arise in our lives, He is always there and never leaves us. 

By Colleen Castonguay

I am grateful for my connection with Jesus, with people and being creative everyday.

By Ruth Wiebe

A shawl - my fidgety fingers found an outlet while I was looking after my parents in St. Thomas last November.  Knitting and praying seemed to go well together. 

I had never blocked a lacey item before. Blocking includes soaking the item so the fibres absorb the water. After a gentle squeezing, you pin the garment out to size and also reveal the lacey pattern. The shawl takes shape as it dries out over the next 24-48 hours.  

I was struck by the immersion and stretching and how I have felt immersed and stretched during this season, but there is the hope of freedom and a new season coming where the new shape is free to be enjoyed . 

I felt the Lord saying that this is His process too.  A baptism - a time of soaking, then a time of stretching and holding... and then something new emerges - the same material but even more beautiful. 

By Kimmy Gonzalvo

Marker and mixed media

By John Thompson

Rich Young Man

There are many times when I find the words of Jesus to be difficult to accept. This song I wrote is taken from Mark 10:17-31. It’s about a rich young man. He has kept the commandments since his youth up. I always felt this story was somewhat a reflection of me in my youth. And I didn’t like that it was.

As a young man from the west, I grew up very rich compared to the rest of the world. In terms of the material world, it felt like I had a mountain of wealth. 

The words of Jesus...“Go now sell. Give and come.” Sure, I could keep the commandments. But giving up my mountain of wealth? 

Lyrics for Rich Young Man

All needs met

Always need more

All this great wealth

To the poor

All this treasure

That’s been stored

All left for my sake

To inherit more


Last will be first

First will be last

All that you have

Is all you lack

The eye of a needle

The desert path

The easier way

Than letting go






How do I choose?

Longing both I lose

What you've set before me

The Kingdom, I did not see

Give and come...

Follow the Son...

By Coleen Szura

Acrylic paint

He overcame the darkness

Your Word is a lamp unto my feet

He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow

By Glenda Guia

Lover of my Soul

For everything that I've been through

You've always been there for me

I've seen you watch over me

Felt your arms around me

You hug me when I'm down

Wipe my tears when no one is around

You never left me

Nor forsaken me

What have you seen in my heart?

That you have set me apart

How come you love me so much?

How come you never repay me for the wrong things 

that I've done

Even when I complain

Even when things don't turn out the way I want them

to be

Still you've given me the right to be called your 


By taking my place and be the one to be slaughtered

For all these years

You are really so good

My Father

My Creator

My Saviour

Without you, I am nothing...

By Leanne Hawkins

Oil pastels

It's just me God, your little daughter. I'm standing in a dark world, but smiling, because you gave me a beautiful light.