Coming soon...

We are currently meeting under government restrictions, with 10 people or less at the building at 9:45 on Sundays. But anyone can join in on Zoom, for which we are using a new account as of May 12 (check your email, or ask Peter for the Zoom invite link).

This Sunday, May 23 at noon, in addition to our normal 9:45 service, Vineyard Canada will have a national online gathering on Youtube and Facebook live.

Wednesday nights service, 7:15pm: Currently the government is restricting church gathering to 10 people. Within this limitation we will be having Wednesday night services at 7:15 pm at the building. It will be like a small group Bible study. Contact Peter Wiebe or Janet Hocevar if you wish to attend, as we can't exceed the limit.

Small groups are all running, mostly on Zoom for now. See below...

WEEKLY EVENTS include: SUNDAY MORNING GATHERINGS (Celebrations) at 9:45am on Zoom. There are classes and childcare for children 0-12, also on Zoom.


Mondays, 8:20pm (for about an hour), online group (contact Ryan O'Connor).

Tuesdays at 6:55pm, men’s group (Contact Peter). Online (Zoom) for now.

Wednesdays at 10am, Women's coffee. (contact Bonnie McAuley). Online (Zoom) for now.

Wednesdays at 7:15pm, co-ed home group (contact Janet Hocevar). Meeting as part of the Wednesday night @ 7:15 service at the building. Also on Zoom.

Thursdays at 7pm, women’s group (contact Caroline Bothamley). Online (Zoom) for now.

Fridays, 10:30-noon - Women's Prayer (contact Ruth Wiebe). Online (Zoom) for now.

Fridays at 7pm, youth group (Grades 7-12). (contact Mark Hawkins). Meeting for youth service at the building on Friday nights.


First Sunday of every month, 12:15-2pm - Table talk potluck. Next date, June 4. Talk to Peter.

Saturdays, approx. 9:30 - noon, kids' musical instrument training: Next date, TBA. Talk to Peter.

Second Friday of every month, 12:30-2pm - Women's potluck. Next date, TBA. Talk to Donna.

Fourth Tuesday of every month, 7-9pm - "Art Kinship." Next date, TBA. For creative / artistic people. Talk to Leanne Hawkins.