Our Priorities

Our Priorities (explains "what" we do)

  • Worshiping God. Because He deserves it! But also because we want to love and encounter Him.

  • Teaching the Bible. We seek to teach the Bible in an understandable, relevant way so that it can be applied to everyday life.

  • Fellowship. We need each other! We have small groups and other occasions to gather so that we can get to know each other. We want to know each other beyond the social level; we see God's love at work in other followers of Jesus, and so we can encourage and love each other.

  • Ministry. Or, serving each other as we depend on God's Spirit. We can serve each other in ways that are "naturally supernatural" - Spirit-led and practical at the same time.

  • Training. Jesus worked with his disciples, or "trainees." We can train/equip each other in the things we have learned from the Bible and from other followers of Jesus. We hope to avoid a culture where "the professionals" do it all: we can all learn and take part.

  • Sending. We aim to send people to do acts of kindness and service as representatives of Jesus.