We Recommend

Here are some resources on different topics that we think will stimulate your faith - both heart and mind.

(Keep scrolling down for some "shorts" - less than 4 minutes)


John Wimber (John was the most well known leader of the Vineyard movement) 

David Ruis (director of Vineyard Canada.)

Wineskins (Vineyard Canada podcast launched in 2023 with David Ruis and Joyce Rees, Calgary Vineyard pastor)

Eleanor Mumford ("Ele" and her husband John co-ordinate Vineyard International)

Jackie Pullinger (Remarkable missionary in the slums of Hong Kong)


ESV (English Standard Version) for accuracy. See also ESV audio.

NLT (New Living Translation) for readability. See also NLT audio.

NIV (New International Version) for a blend of both. See also NIV audio.

ERV (Easy to Read Version) - just like is sounds! See also ERV audio.

Other Bible websites with good study tools: biblehub.com and blueletterbible.org


Sam Allberry (pastor and apologist who speaks to same-sex attraction from personal experience)

John Burke (pastor, author, speaker)

Rosaria Butterfield (former gay activist and English professor)

Billy Graham (well known 20th century evangelist)

Nicky Gumbel (An Anglican pastor in England who was influenced by John Wimber, and founded the Alpha course)

Michael Heiser (A first-rate scholar, Heiser has brought forward fascinating insight into the book of Genesis, and the "unseen realm.")

Darrell Johnson (Canadian,  former professor at Regent College.)

Craig Keener (Professor at Asbury College, outstanding biblical scholar, has done extensive research on miracles in our day)

Nabeel Qureshi (a former Muslim who found Jesus through study, friendship and supernatural intervention)

Remnant Radio (a team of guys that love the gifts of the Spirit, with a grounding in Scripture). They have interesting guests like... 

Lee Strobel (investigative journalist and former atheist)


Sam Allberry

Billy Graham

Michael Heiser

Nicky Gumbel

Eleanor Mumford 

Nabeel Qureshi

John Wimber