Our Values

Our Values (explains "why" we do)

  • We value GOD'S WRITTEN WORD. In saying so, it's really God Himself that we value, because in the Bible we read His true words, communicated through human writers. It's where we meet God's Son, Jesus Christ, the WORD of God. We seek to be learners and doers of His word.
  • We value the LORDSHIP OF JESUS and His Spirit present with us. We don't just look backward to the gospel stories ("What Would Jesus Do?") but we also recognize His leadership right now ("What is Jesus doing?"). We give space to the Spirit's activity when we meet.
  • We value RELATIONSHIP. It all starts with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, our God who IS a relationship. We are thankful that this God wants to be our friend, even our Father. We are in family relationship with each other!
  • We value the INDIVIDUAL. We aim to see each individual as equally precious to God, regardless of status, education, age, ethnicity, or gender. We believe that God's grace is equal but personal for each human being, and we want to express that grace and acceptance to each other.
  • We value HEALING. Jesus did! We do "hands on" praying for healing - physical sicknesses and disease, as well as emotional and spiritual.
  • We value the KINGDOM OF GOD. God's reign was Jesus' main message on earth. One day He will return to earth and actually rule it, but in the meantime His kingdom is "at hand." God's reign is for the individual: He gives us eternal life, forgives, delivers, restores, heals, and guides us. The kingdom is also for His community, the church. We are the "people of His kingdom," and learn to love and build up each other under His loving rule.