Windsor Vineyard

Knowing, loving, and serving the Son; together

We meet Sundays at 10am, in-person combined with Zoom

This coming Sunday we will meet at 10:00.

Check out Peter's chat with David Tarcia pastor of Evangel Church, about "A Time for Singing after (COVID-19) Winter!" Also listen to David Ruis's recent video called Why Vineyard? Setting Our Compass - Part One.

“Though I have much to share with you, I would rather not just say it online. I would rather talk face to face, so that our joy may be complete!” (2 John 1:12, slightly adapted).

  • On May 22, Peter will be continuing in Matthew, looking at "My Servant," OR Jesus, Bringer of Justice." Take a look at Matthew 12:14-22 to get ahead, and Isaiah 42, especially the first four verses. You may also want to look up the term, "My Servant" in Isaiah. It's a really important one!