Windsor Vineyard

We meet at 10:00 Sunday mornings at 1650 Howard Ave.

Beginning Saturday, June 29th, we will be partnering with Newsong Church, hosting a summer Alpha Program at their location at 999 Drouillard. This is the schedule: 7 pm - Dinner, 7:30 pm - Music, 7:45 pm - Video segment, 8 pm - Table Discussion, 8:30 - dismissal

The Alpha Program is designed to bring people into a spiritual conversations about what matters most in their lives. Each week we explore an aspect of faith and dig deeper into who Jesus is. Invite someone! For more info contact Kevin Rogers from Newsong or Peter Wiebe from the Vineyard. Runs until Saturday, September 14th.

Welcome. There is a Vineyard in Windsor! We're a church, in case you were wondering, and we'd love to meet you:

“Though I have much to share with you, I would rather not just say it online. I would rather talk face to face, so that our joy may be complete!” (2 John 1:12, slightly adapted).

We are going through John's gospel in our Sunday meetings and during the week. Right now we are in John 18.

  • For the week of June 17-22, let's be reading John 18:1-14.
  • To get ahead of Peter's June 23 message, read John 18:15-27 together.
  • For the week of June 24-29, get caught up, or read the whole book!
  • To get ahead of John's June 30 message, check out this video.
  • For the week of July 1-6, let's be reading John 18:28-40.
  • To get ahead of Peter's July 7 message, read John 19:1-16.