We Recommend

Here are some resources on different topics that we think will stimulate your faith - both heart and mind.

John Wimber's Story (John was the most well known leader of the Vineyard movement).

John Wimber - Teaching on the Kingdom (the core of Jesus' message).

John Wimber - Five Step Healing Model (imitating how Jesus did it).

David and Anita Ruis - observations about the Canadian Vineyard family (David is a well known worship leader and song writer. D&A currently give oversight to Vineyard Canada).

David Ruis - Justice and the Marginalized

Ellie Mumford - People of the Kingdom (Ellie and her husband John formerly directed the UK Vineyards; now they co-ordinate Vineyard International Executive).

Ellie Mumford - Remember the Poor

Nicky Gumbel - Everyone Gets to Play (Nicky is well known for his "Alpha" course, and uses a "Wimberism" for this title).

Mike Bickle - God Loves us with All His Heart (to encourage you!)

Carl Medearis - Jesus Stories (very helpful for sharing our faith).

Lee Strobel - The Case for a Creator(especially for Christian young people)

The Gospel of the Kingdom (a short animated teaching from the folks at the Bible Project)