Connecting Despite COVID-19


We are looking to regather in-person at our church building on Sunday, July 5 at 10am. We will be including people on zoom as well, so it will be a blended service where we all worship God together.

We are developing a COVID-19 Protocol document to promote safety for the in-person gatherings. Stay tuned for that document.

We encourage everyone to have much grace and latitude for people who have different thoughts on how we respond to COVID-19. It's an opportunity to walk in unity and love amidst diverse views. Speaking of opportunity...

Ephesians 5:16 encourages us to "make the most of every opportunity, for the days are evil." We have an opportunity during the current health crisis to ask the Lord, "What are you doing in your kingdom, and how can we be a part of it?"

One opportunity we have is to slow down and spend time with the Lord. Some of you have been praying the Psalms. Does anyone have an insight to share? If so, let Peter know and he will post it below. Or you may have something to report from a different area of the Bible, like one of the gospels. So let's think of this page as one of our gathering places.

Scroll down to the bottom for a list of Psalms to pray in different situations.

Scripture sharing (add your voice to this!)

Jacquie R.'s favourite psalm is 23 - She is encouraged by this: that when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we come out on the other side with Jesus.

Hal says this about psalm 23 - You can add "all the days of my life" to any of the lines of the psalm.

Lydia finds psalm 30 to be a psalm of hope and gratitude - what God has done in our lives and what He is still doing

Janet likes psalm 139 - Verses 7-12 ask "Where can I go from my Spirit..." and assure us that God is with us WHEREVER we are!

Barb M.'s favourite psalm is 27 - even when there's trouble, and then more trouble, we will SEE the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. While we're alive, we will see this goodness.

Ruth H. has Psalm 3:5 marked in her Bible, from a time in her life in 1984 when she needed God's encouragement. "It's true! It happened to me - I lay down, I slept, I woke up, and the LORD sustained me."

Coleen's favourite psalm is 62, a psalm of quiet trust.

Maggie's favourite psalm is 103 - who can blame her?

The Peralta Family: "Our fave Psalms: 91 which we read every night as a family. Also, Psalms 23 and 46."

Terry read Psalm 23: Surely Goodness and Mercy will follow me all the days of my life. I know in my spirit God says this to me, "I give you Mercy."

Anna K. is reading Psalms. "My life verse is in Psalm 46: 'be still and know that I am God.' It comes towards the end and reinforces the previous verses which declare He is our refuge in tumultuous times. What we hear and see is nothing compared to God and His power. The God of Jacob is always with us. This reminds me that God will be with us no matter what calamities surround us. What we hear and see around us is not going to undermine His agape love for us....we will be safe with God .

Colleen C. shared this prayer, which is full of Scriptural content: "I will praise Him in difficult moments and seek Him in quiet moments. Father, give me a heart of peace and love that I extend to others."

Peter from Psalm 63:1 - "O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water." Lord, I want to be full of Your Spirit, and then use me to refresh others as You refresh me.

Ella is going through the One Day at a Time Bible. She came across Isaiah 43:2 the other day, a longtime favourite of hers. It was a great encouragement for her!

John T. has been going through Psalms. He writes, "I have been praying through the Psalms and came to Psalm 4. The bookends of this chapter were very encouraging to me as the virus triggered past traumatic events coming out as anxiety in me, and made it difficult for me to sleep in a panicked state. So I cried out to the Lord using this passage and He was gracious, heard my prayer, and gave me peace to sleep in safety."